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016 Tracking the Lost Master Plan

Meeting place: the entrance lobby (a.k.a. as the Mushroom) to the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion campus

A tour of the Technion campus with the preservation architect, Amir Freundlich, who will present the two master plans that were made for the campus: one that was designed by Prof. Alexander Klein in 1953, whose centerpiece was a main green pathway flanked on both sides by the different faculty buildings – and a later one designed by the architect Shlomo Gilad in the 1960’s, which transformed the face of the campus and left a mark on it to this very day. The two-hour tour will begin with an instructive view from the famous patio of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. After that, participants will be shown the Forum, the Student Union, the Ullmann Center, the Faculty of Earth Engineering and Geology, and the Physics and Chemistry faculties. The tour will also stop at the botanical garden and end in the parking lot of the Engineering Faculty.

Reservations not required

Open tour

Reservations not required
Friday, 29.11, 09:00

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