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020 Abandoned Movie Theaters in Hadar HaCarmel

Meeting place: Workers House, between 41 and 43 HeHalutz St, next to the entrance to Mercaz Siach

Led by Dr. Irit Carmon Popper and Dr. Oryan Shachar and the students: Asma Abu-Raya, Nardeen Elias, Jana Omari, Hadeel Said and Lavi Vanounou at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion IIT, this tour on HeHalutz and Sirkin Streets will trace what happened to two former movie theaters: the first and the last to be built in Hadar HaCarmel: Amphi (built in 1926) and Ron (built in 1962). The first part of the tour will stop at what is left of the theaters and tell their story. Participants will then visit the exhibition “Dinosaurs in the Streets” that is part of the Social Bauhaus events being held at Mercaz Siach, which is located in the former Workers House. The exhibition deals with the documentation relating to these two lost movie theaters.

The tour and the exhibition are based on academic research outcomes of the course “Sites and Archives: Build Heritage Preservation.”

Historical landmark/tour dealing with preservationHistorical landmark/tour dealing with preservation
Reservations not required

Open tour

Reservations not required
Friday, 29.11, 14:00

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