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006 Anglo-Palestine Bank

1 Natanson St.

Architect: Alexander Baerwald, 1928

A look at the impressive interior of one the most important historic buildings in Haifa – a monumental stone structure that was originally the Haifa branch of Anglo-Palestine Bank. It now houses the offices of the law firm Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co. The brief tours, led by members of the Haifa History Society, will recount the story behind the construction of the building and talk about the Land of Israel architectural style that the architect, Alexander Baerwald, sought to create in it: an eclectic style that blends Western, Middle Eastern and Jewish architectural elements, such as pointed arches and ancient coin decorations.

Thursday, November 28th: the last tour will start at 18:30; Friday, November 29th: the last tour will start at 11:30

Historical landmark/tour dealing with preservationHistorical landmark/tour dealing with preservation
Reservations not required

Tours for groups of 25 will start every 30 minutes

Reservations not required
Thursday, 28.11, 17:00 - 19:00
Friday, 29.11, 09:00 - 12:00

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