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002 Bauhaus Elegance

Meeting place: the corner of 34 Bar Giora St. and 2 Rashi St.

The Hadar neighborhood, which was built between the 1920’s and 1940’s, has an extraordinary concentration of Bauhaus buildings. Led by the architect Omri Zilka – a lecturer and owner of the “Pinat Rehov” blog that deals with architecture, design and urbanism in Haifa – the tour will spotlight unique Bauhaus features in Hadar, and in Haifa in general. Zilka will talk about the historical backdrop that led to adopting the International Style when building the neighborhood, while pointing out some important Bauhaus buildings and reviewing the current state of Bauhaus architecture in Hadar. The tour will touch on the following topics: urban renewal, preservation, the development of public spaces, commerce in the neighborhood, landscape issues, social issues and more. The tour lasts about two-and-a-half-hours and most of the 3-kilometer route is downhill, ending at Talpiot Market.

Historical landmark/tour dealing with preservationHistorical landmark/tour dealing with preservation
Reservations not required

Open tour

Reservations not required
Saturday, 30.11, 14:30

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